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Shortcut Commands Of File Menu

 Hello, Friends. My name is Sufyan. As you know I am starting writing on shortcut commands of Microsoft office. In the previous article, I told you about the basic commands of computer and some basic commands that are more standby in Microsoft word.

If you haven't read the previous article, click Read More to read about the most important and widely used commands.

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In today article we talk about the Microsoft Word Interface and also the menus of Microsoft word.

Word Interface Names

Title Bar

This will show you in the middle on the top side of the word in which you write the name of your documents.

Ribbon Tabs

This will show you the word on the top side in word under the title bar in front which shows menus and formats etc.

Quick Access Toolbar

This will show you in the top left corner.

Document Information

This will show you in the bottom left corner.

Zoom Tools

This will show you in the bottom right corner. This tool will help you to zoom in and zoom out your document.

View Button

This will show you with the zoom tool in the bottom right corner

What Is Microsoft word?

Microsoft word is a word processing software system, this program was by the Microsoft company in the language of computer C++. It allow us type letter, statements, application and various forms etc in English language.

It often has following menus.

1)    File
2)    Edit
3)    View
4)    Insert
5)    Tool
6)    Table
7)    Window
8)    Help

Now I will tell you all menus commands in detail by one. Let me share a daily menus commands with you guys that will make easier for you. So our first menu is file menu.



To open a new document



To close the active file



To save the active file into any drive of folder


Save As

To save the active file with new name.


Close All

To close a group of open files into the same time all of one.


Print Preview

To see the print preview of the active file.


Page Setup

Through this command we can change and set the page size, page orientation, page margins, page gutless position


If you are having trouble trying out practical commands or are not getting any commands, contact me on Instagram.

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