Easiest Title In Pubg Mobile || One Achievement Two Titles

 Easiest Title In Pubg Mobile || One Achievement Two Titles

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As you know I continue writing Pubg Mobile achievement. In the previous two articles, I told you about Rubbish Picker and Who Hit Me hidden achievement of Pubg Mobile which you guys like much. And if both of these achievements remain or not happening to you, you can see my last two posts. I have already discussed these two achievements in detail.

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Achievement    👉  Rubbish Picker

Achievement  👉 Who Hit Me 

This is the old achievement, Now we are moving towards another new achievement.

So today, I have come up with an achievement from which you can take two titles along with your achievement. The name of one title is Lifelong Learner and the name of the other title is Special Trainer.

This achievement will show in the group of Progress achievement groups


You can only do this achievement in duo or squad in classic mode. This achievement will never happen in a solo match.

How To Complete This Achievement

Step 1

Click the following Brother in Arm Button.

Step 2

Click the Veteran Camp Button, If you complete this achievement through Traning Clan You can get only one title(Lifelong Learner).

Step 3

Click the layout/setting button as shown in the image.

Step 4

Set according to which map/mode you want to open or you will select all the maps then matchmaking will be faster.

Step 4

Click the start searching button.

Step 5 

If you are not in matching, turn off the microphone in the setting and again turn on the microphone.

Step 6

Then you get an invitation link and by accepting it you will enter the game and the game starts in just three or four seconds.


Brother in the arm has to play 300 matches, in 150 matches you get Special Trainer title and in 300 matches you get Lifelong Learner title. And you can also get 65 achievements points+Creates Coupon Etc.


If You want to finish the game quickly and start a new game then as the jump button appears in the plane, You have to jump the plane and go outside the map and die from the zone.

Note 👉 It is like a classic match. If you die early now, your rank will go down. If you have a rank, you should try to play the match better.

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