How To Get Sharpshooter Title in Pubg Mobile || Easy Trick

 Easy Way To Get Sharpshooter Title In Pubg Mobile

Helo Public, My name is Sufyan. Hope you are well and enjoying your life with your friends, family, Children.

As you all knows, Pubg Mobile is one of the special games that palyed on the Mobiles/Pc. As the world progresses, So does the game. Lik other games, Pubg has its own many mission and titles, some of which are easy and some of which are difficult. The titles i am going to talk to you about today is also one of the most difficult title.

This achievement/Title Will show in the group of Glorious Moments Achievement.

As you know i am continue writting on pubg mobile achievements and titles. In the previous articles, I told you about many achievemnts likes Rubbish Picker, Who Hit Me, ETC.

In the comments to these articles, You said that you should tell us the easy way to get the tile of Sharpshooter. So today in this article, I will tell you about the sharpshooter title. In the history of pubg mobile sharshooter title is one of the hardest title of pubg.


👉 You have to play a solo match to achieve sharpshooter titles.

👉 The sharpshooter title well never be in duo or squad.

👉 Your solo rank tier must be platinum or above.

How To Get Sharpshooter Title

Step 1

Play a solo match, this achievement will not happen in duo or squad.

Step 2

Select erangle map or miramar or any orher classic match where is loot much.

Step 3

Mark the place where the plane ends, meaning the place where the plane upload the offline player itselt.

Step 5

Pick up any guns and scop and approach the offline player before that any boot comes and kills them. Don't worry four to five player go offline in every match.

Step 6

Try to get sniper rifile and long range scope, So that it is easy for you to kill enemy. If can not find sniper, you want to kill them with another gun, there is still no problem.

Step 7

Now you can beat the off line enemy four time with hands to get one Hp.

Step 8

Now you go fifty kilometers away from the offline enemy, You can check the distance by marking the enemy ahead.

Step 8 

The last step, Just hit the enemy carefully with a headshot and you'll get a sharpshooter title.

If you follow the steps above, you will easily get this sharshooter title into three or four tries.

Note     It should be written on your screen thay you hit enemy with a headshot, If it is not written(You killled a enemy with headshot), you will not get this title. Do not leave the game after completing this process, if you leave the game, you will still not get the title. Complete the game or killed yourself with gernade.

If you have any problem to achieve this title, contact me Facebook.

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