Most Hardest Titles In Pubg Mobile

Top 4 Most Rarest Title In Pubg Mobile

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As you know, Pubg is a various video game that being played in many countries.Pubg Mobile is one of the most papular game and it has slowly become a challenging game.

There are many Pubg Mobile titles that show the skills of your game, some of which are easy and some are difficult. Some titles are easy for you to get and some titles require you to have your game skills.

In my previous article, I have talked about most common tiltes in pubg mobile and i also talk about easy way to achieve these most common titles. If you want to get most common titles in pubg mobile view my previous article.

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In today article, I disscussed the most hardest tile in pubg mobile and also i tell about how to get most hardest titles in pubg mobile.

Most Rarest Title In Pubg Mobile

#1 Unique Destiny

Earn 6000 achievement to get this title

In Pubg Mobile history, Unique destiny is consider the most rarest title in pubg mobile because to win this title you have to collect a total of 6000 achievement point. And you can't save 6000 achevement point all at once, You have to put a lot of time and effort into it. Mostly this title in only held by a few people who have been play Pubg Mobile since the beginning of Pubg Mobile. Or if you have been doing a full achievement mission since season four or season five then you can get Unique Destiny Title. One if the main reason why this title is so difficult is that you can not buy achievement point through UC. Nowdays, This title can only seen by a few old players in Pubg Mobile.

#2 Commando

Win 50 solo classic match while in platinum tier or above, Not rquipping any helmets, vests or backpacks.

Commando is our second rarest tiltles in Pubg Mobile. This is a hardest title but if you have good game skills you can take this tilte easily. This title is difficult because you have to servive till the end of 50 solo match and your solo rank ties must be platinum or above. You have to take off your helmet vest and backpack when last enemy is left in the match.

I recommend that you keep your solo rank tier is platinum so that the match lobby is a little lighter which increase the chances of match win. If gradually your solo rank  tier is higher than platinum, the match lobby will be better which will make it harder for you to make match win.

#3 Mythic Fashion

If you have own 300 mythic outfit, then you will get Mytic Fashion title.

Mythic Fashion is one of the rarest title in pubg mobile. This is rarest title but if you have unlimited UC you can take this title easily. There are many mytic outfit that comes in Premioum, Classic or any other crates. If you do a regular crate opening and take out mytic outfit then in one or two season you can get Mytic Fashion

#4 On a Mission

Complete following 6 mastery:

👉 Assult Mastery
👉 Sniper Mastery
👉 Shotgun Mastery
👉 SMG Mastery
👉 Melee Mastery
👉 Pistol Mastery

On a mission title is one of the rarest title in pubg mobile. If you have good games skills, You will get this title easily. After winning this title, You will become an expert in using all guns.
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