New Hidden Achivement In Pubg Mobile || How To Complete Who Hit Me Hidden Achievement Of Pubg Mobile

 How To Complete Who Hit Me Pubg Mobile Hidden Achievement

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As You Know, I continue writing about Pubg Mobile Hidden Achievement. In the previous article, I told you about Rubbish Picker Pubg Mobile Hidden Achievement, which you guys liked very much.

So now, I bring you another new easy Hidden Achievement Of Pubg Mobile which is named Who Hit Me, As you see in the top picture.

This achievement will show in the group of Matches Achievement Section.

You may not have this show in any achievement group before this achievement is completed. As I said before, this is a hidden achievement, So there will be no show in any Achievement Group.

In this Achievement, There is no specific mode mentioned in it so you can do it in any map or mode like classic(Erangle, Livik, ETC), Arcade(Sniper Training, War, ETC).

In this article, I will till you how to complete this Hidden Achievement of Pubg Mobile. Many Of You will know about this hidden achievement But it is not happening to them so I will tell you in full detail.

How To Complete This Hidden Achievement?

If you want to complete this hidden achievement, You have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1

Select Any Mode Or map, I will Suggest Livik because it happens in less time and easy to complete this achievement.

Step 2

Select due or squad. This hidden achievement does not happen in solo matches.

Step 3

As the jump button appears in the plane, You have to jump off the plane and go backward and go to the outside of the map.

Step 4

As your parachute is open you release your parachute so that you can knock and finish in the air.


By completing Who Hit Me Hidden Acivemnt you will get 20 achievement points and 1 premium create.

Note👉 One thing you have to keep in mind is that your foot does not touch the ground, only your loot creates touch the ground, If Your foot touches the ground, This hidden achievement will not happen.

If you have any problem completing this hidden achievement, Contact me Facebook/Instagram.

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