Pubg Mobile Hidden Acivement || All Hidden Achievement List Of Pubg Mobile

Rubbish Picker pubg Hidden Acivement


There are a total of 153 Pubg Acivement include Hidden Achievement which separated into 7 groups.
👉 Glorious Moment

To complete an acivement ,  you wil be given rewards and acivement point.

Rubbish Picker Achivement this achivement count in matches groups.

By Complete Rubbish Picker acivement you wil get 20 achivement points and 1 premium create.
If you want to complete Complete Rubbish Picker acivement you need to follow some following steps.

1    :    Select any classic mode like Erangle, Livik, ETC .
2    :    Landing the safe area where there is more loot.
3    :    Then off the auto pick up.
4    :    Pick  20 attachment likes Extended Mag, Suppressor, Grip ETC.
5    :    Then open your backpack and count 20 acivement, If it is more than 20 achivement there is no problem.
    :    Kill yourself or complete the match.

Note     If you exit the game without dying, there will be no achievement.
If you have any problem to complete this Rubbish Picker Achivement, contact me Facebook

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