Insert Menu Command Of MS Word 2016 || All Sortcut Commands Of Insert Menu

 Insert Menu In MS Word

Insert Menu In MS Word

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As you guys know, A few days ago I am starting writting on  Shortcut Commands Of MS Word. In today's article, We discussed about the All Shortcut Commands Of the Insert Menu.

Insert Menu is a very important menu in Microsoft Word. Insert Menu play an important role in enhancing the beauty of a page in a document. With the help of Insert Menu, We can insert anything in a page of a document like Page Number, Insert Picture, ETC. We can also insert many symbols in a word document with the help of  Insert Menu

Shortcut Commands Of Insert Menu

Insert Menu

Page Number

With this command, we can write the page number in the current file. In simple words, we can add page numbers.


Date and Time

Through this command, we can insert Date and Time in the current position of the cursor.


Shortcut command for insert Date.


Shortcut Command For Insert Time.


Auto Text

Creating and using custom AutoText entries for frequently used phrases is a great way to speed up the content creation process in Microsoft Word. And the good news is you can set up these time-savers in just a few clicks.



With this command, We can insert different symbols in current file.



To comment on any word.



Clip Art                                      Alt+I+P+C

Word Art                                   Alt+I+P+W

Auto Shape                              Alt+I+P+A

From File                                  Alt+I+P+F

Camera Scanner                      Alt+I+P+S

Text Box

With this command we can insert a text box in the existing file and write data inside it and set it anywhere.



While working in Microsoft Word, We can open another program/software in this file and work inside it.


Hyper Link

This command allows you to create a link to another file with any word.


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