No #1 Pubg Mobile Player In Pakistan || Best Pubg Mobile Player In Pakistan

No #1 Pubg Mobile Player In Pakistan

Top Pakistani Pubg Mobile Player In Pakistan

Hello, Public. My name is Sufyan. Hope You are all well and enjoying your life with your Friends, Family, and Children.

Welcome to my website In the previous article, I told you about the Top 10 Pubg Mobile Player In Pakistan. In today's article, I am going to talk No #1 Pubg Mobile Player In Pakistan.

As you know, Pubg Mobile is one of the most papular games in the world. Similarly Pubg Mobile is becoming a trend in the gaming community of Pakistan.

Some people have gained a lot of fame as well as entertaining people with Pubg Mobile. Some people even consider Pubg Mobile as a full-time job and are entertaining people as well as earning good money.

So today, I will tell you about No #1 Pubg Mobile Player In Pakistan who is very papular among the people as well as playing the game.

No #1 Pubg Mobile Player In Pakistan

Star Anonymous

The real name of Star Anonymous(YouTube Channel Name) is Mubeen, and he is from Rawalpindi(Punjab, Pakistan). 

In Pakistan, He is considered the Number one Pubg Mobile Player. Star Anonymous entertains people with its gameplay as well as its funny commentary.

Pubg Id

Star Anonymous Pubg ID is 5180495079. Star Anonymous id has player level 79 and Evo level is 55.


Star Anonymous playing Pubg Mobile on IPad. He also tried playing the game on mobile but was not successful. Some people called Star Anonymous is an iPad Player.


Star Anonymous's partner in Pubg Mobile is Star Dew. He has been playing Pubg Mobile with Star Anonymous from the beginning.

Star Dew Pubg ID is 5451551938.


Star Anonymous's clan name is Star. Mubeen(Star Anonymous) is the leader of the star clan. 


Star Anonymous created its youtube channel on 17 May 2017. Mubeen has a YouTube Channel called Star Anonymous. Star Anonymous has a YouTube Channel with 600+ videos and 2M+ YouTube Subscribers.

Social Media

Star Anonymous is also active on other social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snack Video ETC.
Instagram   :   @theanonymousxd


Email   :

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