Tool Menu In MS Word 2016 || Shortcut Commands Of Tool Menu

Tool Menu In MS Word 2016
Shortcut Keys Of Tool Menu In MS Word

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As you all guys know, A few days ago  I am starting writing on Shortcut Commands Of MS Word. In my previous article, I am talked about the All Shortcut Commands Of Table Menu in MS Word. In today's article, we have discussed The All Shortcut Commands Of the Tool Menu.

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Tool Menu is one of the most useful menus in MS Word. We can check our spelling and grammar mistakes in any document with the help of the Tool Menu. With the help of Tool Menu, we can count the word of any document, We can protect any document and we can do a lot more with the help of Tool Menu.

Shortcut Keys Of Tool Menu

Tool Menu

Spelling and Grammer

This command allows us to correct the spelling and grammar of misspelled words in the current file. First, move the cursor to the beginning of the whole text with the Ctrl+Home key.



With this command we can change the synonyms of the selected words, ie the pronunciation will change and the meaning will remain the same.


Word Count

This command allows us to check the summary of the current file. Summary means everything in the file like Words, Characters, Lines ETC.


Protect Document

Method 1.

This command allows us to protect the data in the current file in such a way that it cannot be modified in any way. First of all the data with Ctrl+A then hide the data with Ctrl+Shift+H. Now Apply the Alt+T+P command. A box will appear. When you have to re-open the document, you will be able to open the document with the help of a password.

The same commands will be used for the Un-Protect document.

Method 2. 

In word 216


Protect Document
Protect Document

After entering the above command a box of Restrict Editing will open in front of us with the help of which we can also protect the document/set the password.

The same method will be applied to unprotecting documents.


With the help of this command, we can Record The Data.


The same command will be applied for Stop Recording.


To Run the recorded data.



With this command, we can apply various options. This command can generate various changes in Microsoft Word and with the help of this command, we can create a command shortcut.



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