What Is Microsoft Excel || Mainly Use Of Excel

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Program

What Is Microsoft Excel

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A few days ago, I am starting writing on Shortcut Commands Of MS Word. In which, I shared with you all the shortcut keys of Microsoft word step by step. So today, We will start with the shortcut keys of all the menus of Microsoft Excel. One question that comes to our mind before we go about its menu, What Is Excel?

 What Is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that is mostly used to organize numerical data. Numerical data is a type of data that is expressed in numbers.

Microsoft Excel is an important program of office that was developed by Microsoft in computer C language. Microsoft Corporation is the developer of Microsoft Excel. Excel contains a worksheet. A worksheet consists of different Columns, Rows, and Cells.

In excel we can do the work of accounting very well. Microsft Excel is a spreadsheet software System.

Mainly Uses Of Excel

1. Any Data Entry

Any data entered into a computer is called Data Entry. Data may be consist of Text, Audio, Videos, Pictures Etc. In other, words input anything into the computer using input devices is called Data Entry.

2. Management Of Data

3. Accounting

3. Analysis Data

5. Make Our Work Easier Through Excel

6. Math Formulas In Excel Make Our Collection Easy

Function Of MS Excel

There is some function of MS Excel That makes our work easier.

The Sum Function 

The Average Function

Auto Sum

Logical Function


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