Best Pubg Control Settings || Best 4 Finger Claw Settings For Pubg Mobile

 4 Finger Control For Pubg Mobile

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A few days ago, I did a post in which I told you about Best Android Sensitivity. There were many people who commented and asked what are the Best Pubg Control Setting or What Are The 4 Finger Claw Setting for Pubg Mobile.

So, In today's article, I will tell you what is the Best Claw For Pubg Mobile. Most Pubg Mobile player has their own control settings for their style to play. Some people play with two fingers so they have two-finger settings and some people play with 3-fingers they have their own settings.

As you know, If your sensitivity or control is not good, it is very difficult for you to survive the end of the game If you can't make 4 finger settings by yourself then this article is for you. In this article, I will tell you about the Best 4 Finger Claw Settings

Pubg Mobile has changed the entire gaming community since Pubg Mobile came into the world. Hundreds of people coming to the gaming community of  Pubg Mobile have the opportunity to earn good money with their gaming skills as well as earn good fame.

As you all know, Pubg Mobile is just a game but some people have made it their profession. Some people play this game as a full-time job. They are entertaining people with this game as well as making good money.

If you play two-finger and the player in front of you played with 3/4 finger, You may have difficulty there. If you copy someone else controls you may have a problem later when you change the device. That is, If you create your own controls, You will be able to adjust them well on any other device.

What Are The Best Control Setting For Pubg Mobile?

⦿    Place both fire buttons at the top left where the team name list shows up and set their transparency to 0.

⦿    Place the joystick button in the bottom left corner, A short distance from the bag.

⦿    Place the peek button in the middle of the right side.

⦿    Place the jump and crouch button in the top right side, A short distance from the bag.


4 Fingure Control Settings For Pubg Mobile

Hopefully, if you save all these controls in your game and practice on these controls then with the help of these controls you will be able to improve your game.


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