How To Add Resume To LinkedIn || How To Delete Resume To LinkedIn

 How To Upload/Delete Resume To LinkedIn Profile 2021How To Add Resume To LinkedIn || How To Delete Resume To LinkedIn

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 Do you want to know How To Upload A Resume To LinkedIn? Well, great news. So in today's article, I am going to talk that How To Add a Resume On LinkedIn/How To Delete Resume To LinkedIn. I'm actually going to show you three different places to upload your resume on LinkedIn.

What Is LinkedIn & How Does LinkedIn Work?

Methods Of Add Resume To Linked

Method 1.

The first way is using LinkedIn easy apply. If you were applying for a job on LinkedIn using easy apply, you'll simply click easy apply, and you'll follow the prompts that you're given. So you can see it here. It's asking for my contact information first. It auto-populates based on my profile. I click next. I'll put it in my city because it's asking I click next again. A. and then I have upload resume.

So here I'll just click upload resume, and then I'm going to choose the resume that I want to upload. So let's just say in this,my version one resume. So I'm going to click open and then I would just continue.

Method 2.

The second place to upload your resume on LinkedIn is one that I think not a lot of people actually know about and it's actually in your Job Seeker Settings.

So to get there, what you'll do is you'll to either hover or click on your profile icon go to settings and privacy. This is going to open up a new tab here, where you're going to go to job-seeking preferences, click there, and then you have a job application settings here. 

You're going to click change and you are going to be able to see the resumes that have already been uploaded and stored in LinkedIn. And you can even upload a new resume in LinkedIn right here.

So here I can grab another version of my resume, click open. If I finish applying for that other job, it would have been there. And just an FYI, the really cool thing about having your resume stored here. 

Especially if you have different versions. you're applying for for slightly different roles, is that you can actually save your resume here. And then when you do use easy apply, you can remove the default and choose which resume to apply with. 

There is one more place that you can upload your resume on LinkedIn. So if you're wondering, should I upload my resume onto LinkedIn.

Method 3.

This is a third option. It's one that I don't generally recommend, but if you do have a highly designed, very graphical resume, this is actually a great option for you. And it is directly onto your profile where you'll do this is you're going to go into LinkedIn and go to your profile. 

So I will click from here to view the profile. And this brings me to my actual profile. Now I'm going to choose, add the profile section. And what I'll do is I'm going to expand to the featured section and I'm going to choose besides media. I'm going to click that plus button. And this is going to allow me to choose a media of my choice.

 So here I'm going to choose my resume. And just by the way, this is like a placeholder resume from one of my programs, but you will see that it is going to upload the actual resume. And then the title is to default to the name of the actual file.

 So you can see that I have it here by default. It is going to be the name of the file.You're going to want to change that. What I recommend is putting something like your name and resume. on the target job title, what you' relooking for, then I'm going to click save and it is going to be now you can see that it is in my profile and it is featured prominently on my profile. 

Method Of Removing Resume To Linked 

From where you add your resume in LinkedIn, There is an option of three dots. Click on these three dots. Then click on delete resume and your resume will be deleted from your LinkedIn Account.

So now what you need to do with your resume on your profile is. Get the right person to visit your profile and make sure that they are swooning over your professional awesomeness, which obviously you're going to want to make sure is it fully showcased in your LinkedIn profile.

Hope All The Above Information Will Be Helpful For You.

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