How To Delete/Deactivate My Facebook Account || How To Recover Facebook Deleted Id

Deleted Facebook Account Permanently 2021 
How To Delete/Deactivate My Facebook Account || How To Recover Facebook Deleted Id

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In my previous article, How To Delete/Recover My Snapchat Account most of the people commented there that How We Can Delete Facebook Account Permanently. So in today's article, I will tell you How We Can Delete Our Facebook Id Permanently/Recover Facebook Deleted Id.

As you all people know, Facebook is the most famous and popular part of social media. Facebook is a social media app that everyone is using nowadays. Facebook is an app that people from all over the world use to connect with each other. People create and share many photos and videos with friends and relatives on Facebook.

If you have more than one Facebook account and you want to have the same Facebook account then this article is for you. If you have done any work or activity from your account that you have to Delete Your Facebook Account, Then is this article I will tell you the easy steps by which you can delete your Facebook account from easy.

In this article, I will not only learn How To Delete Facebook Account but also How To Recover Deleted Facebook account. If you or your friend accidentally deleted your Facebook account, Here are some easy steps on How To Recover Deleted Facebook Account.

Method Of Delete/Deactivate Facebook Account


Open facebook app into your devices.


Click the three  lines.


Clicking on three lines will open a list of your settings. Scroll down and click on Setting from the setting & privacy menu.


After clicking on the setting option Click On the Personal And Account Information.


Click Account Ownership and Control.


Click Deactivation and Delation.


Clicking on deactivation and relation will show you two options, one is to deactivate the account, the other is to delete the account. If you click the Deactivate account you can deactivate your account for a few days but If you click the Delete Account your account will be permanently deleted from Facebook.

Note:    If your Facebook account contains any important Photos or Videos or any other important data, You should save it Before deleting the Snapchat account as you will lose all the data as soon as the account is deleted.

Method Of Recover Deleted Facebook Account

If you have deleted your Facebook account then you do not want to delete your account later or your decision to delete has changed or you forget to recover data you want to Recover Your FacebookAccount, No, Matter the tension, It can easily be recovered.

In fact, When you delete your Facebook account, It is not immediately deleted. The deleting process takes 30 days. If you do not want to delete your account, your mind changes. If you Login into the Facebook app again, Your account will not be deleted, Re-Logging will cancel your account deleting process.

Remember that no one can recover your account if it has been more than 30 days since the account was deleted.

Hope All The Above Information Will Be Helpful For You.

If you have a problem with Deleting your Facebook Account or Recovering your Facebook Account, Contact Me INSTAGRAM.

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