How To Lock Facebook Profile || How Do I Lock My Profile on Facebook

How To Lock Facebook Profile || How Do I Lock My Profile on Facebook

How To Lock Facebook Account In Pakistan || 2021

As you all people know, Facebook is the most famous and popular part of social media. Facebook is a social media app that everyone is using nowadays. Facebook is an app that people from all over the world use to connect with each other. People create and share many photos and videos with friends and relatives on Facebook.

Facebook is a very popular social platform these days and as the platform becomes more popular, Its users are afraid of their data being leaked. To protect your data, Facebook has a new feature that allows us to Lock Our Facebook Account completely.

So in today's article, I will tell you How To Lock Your Facebook Profile or How To Unlock Your locked Facebook Account. I will tell you some easy steps that will help you to Lock Your Facebook Profile and save your personal and important data.

If you Lock Your Facebook Profile, No one will be able to visit your profile without your permission,  or anyone will be able to see your friend list or anyone's uploaded photos or videos Unless you don't add it to your Facebook friend list.

How To Lock Facebook Account

Step 1.

First of all, Open the facebook app into your device.

Step 2.

To the homepage, click on the three lines at the top right.

Step 3.

After clicking on three lines, Scroll up and click the Language option.

Step 4.

Select the language shown in the picture.

Step 5.

Refresh your facebook page and again click on the three lines.

Step 6.

Click setting option and click the Lock Profile that written in other language.

Step 7

After clicking on the lock profile, select confirm, and your profile is locked.

Note: Once the profile is locked, You can go back to your Facebook setting and select your device language. If you select your own language after locking the Facebook profile, the profile will remain locked.

How to Unlock Facebook Profile

If you have locked your Facebook account and you want to unlock it again for some reason, this is also a simple method.

⦿    open your locked Facebook account into your device.

⦿    Click your profile

⦿    Click on the You Lock Your Profile where you show in your profile.

⦿    Click the unlock option.

⦿    Click Unlock Your Profile, Your Facebook profile will be unlocked.

If you have someone problem trying to Lock or Unlock Your Facebook Profile, Contact Me On INSTAGRAM.


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