Pubg Mobile New Update 1.7 No Recoil Config, No Lag || 100% No Ban

 No Recoil File For Pubg Mobile Latest Update || Pubg Mobile Hacks

Pubg Mobile Update 1.7 Hacks

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS means Pubg Mobile has changed the entire gaming community since Pubg Mobile came into the world. Hundreds of people coming to the gaming community of  Pubg Mobile have the opportunity to earn good money with their gaming skills as well as earn good fame.

As you all know, Pubg Mobile is just a game but some people have made it their profession. Some people play this game as a full-time job. They are entertaining people with this game as well as making good money.

As you know when Pubg Mobile was released it could have been played on low devices but nowadays due to some latest updates of Pubg Mobile, it has become difficult to play Pubg Mobile on low-end devices either. Sensitivity is not controlled or the game is so lag that you do not like to play.

So in today's article, I will tell you No Recoil File For Pubg Mobile, No Lag. In this article, You will learn How To Download and Use No Recoil File, No Lag.

Download Config👇

How To Use Config?

  1. Extract all files, That you have downloaded by clicking the Download Config option.
  2. Copy Extract Files
  3. Go To Device Memory
  4. Open Android Folder
  5. Open Data Folder
  6. Open Com.tencent.iglite
  7. Click Files Folder
  8. Open UE4Game
  9. Open Shadow Tracker Extra
  10. Again Click Shadow Tracker Extra
  11. Click Saved Option
  12. Click Paks Option
  13. After clicking the Paks Option, You will see the paste option
  14. Click paste button, Apply To All Files, And click Replace

Is It Safe From Ban?

With the latest update of Pubg Mobile, The security of Pubg Mobile has also been much higher than before. If you are using this file properly then your Pubg Account is 100% safe from ban.

If You do not feel safe with the Zero Recoil Config for your Pubg Mobile Account then you can set your own sensitivity by clicking the below option.

Android Zero Recoil Sensitivity For Pubg Mobile


I advised you that, If you are an old player of Pubg Mobile and you have worked hard on your account then you should not any kind of hacks or config files. Your account could be at risk if your hack or config is detected by the publisher.

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