Latest ESP Hack for PUBG 2.4 | 100% Anti-Ban

ESP Hack for PUBG

 ESP Hack for PUBG 2.4

Every config user wants the best and latest hacks for his gam, So today I have the latest ESP hack for PUBG 2.4 and this hack is 100% anti-ban for your account.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS mean Pubg Mobile has changed the entire gaming community since Pubg Mobile came into the world. 

Hundreds of people coming into the gaming community of Pubg Mobile have to opportunity to earn good money with their gaming skills as well as earn good fame.

As you know, For the last few days I have been constantly writing on the Pubg Hacks and Config Files of Pubg Mobile. I also provide your config files and also tell you in detail how to use them.

So, In today's whole article is about ESP Hack For Pubg 2.4 Mobile Anti Ban. In which I will tell you what is ESP Hack and how you can download ESP hack for PUBG and use ESP Hack in the game. If you're interested in configs, then must try Update 1.8 White Body File.

First, let me tell you the full form of ESP is Extra Sensory Perception. So lets' talk about how ESP Hack works in Pubg Mobile. As you know, Pubg Mobile is a game that everyone is playing these days. 

Some people use hacks to enjoy their games more. One of these hacks is the ESP hack for PUBG 2.4 Mobile Anti Ban. This is the only hack that every pro player is using today.

From the word Extra in Extra Sensory Perception(ESP) it is clear that something extra means something extra going to happen in the game. 

The Extra is that is the game you will know the location of each one, Where is the enemy, How far he is, How, How much he is the health, which guns the enemy has, all these are known to the player.

Features Of ESP Hack

  • Enemy location.
  • Enemy Name.
  • Enemy HP(Health).
  • Which weapons the enemy has.
  • How far in enemy
  • Black Sky
  • Enemy location box
  • 360 Alert

Any player who uses ESP Hack to have a line shown above the enemy is also called ESP. The ESP uses knows the location of the enemy, and that location is the exact location of the enemy.

ESP Hack For PUBG 2.4 

If you want to download ESP Hack For PUBG Mobile, click the download ESP button below. Click here to download ESP Hack For PUBG Mobile Anti Ban 👇


Applying Process

First, go to the file manager then, Go to Android>>Data and rename the (com.tencent.ig) file. Rename any name you want.

Similarly, go to obb file change the (com.tencent.ig) file. Rename any name you want.

After that, we have to delete the old application of PUBG Mobile. And the files that we renamed have to be renamed and re-correct. We renamed the file so that the data we have in PUBG Mobile means we don't have to re-download maps etc. Now re-download the PUBG Mobile application and install and connect any VPN.

Now, as soon as you open the game, you will have a W3 logo show. You click on the W3 logo you can enjoy your game by turning on the option of line, box, health, enemy name, distance, and many more option you need.

Is It Anti Ban?

With the latest update of PUBG Mobile, The security of the game has also become very high. Now with ID Ban, Your device can also be banned. Device Ban means you will never be able to play PUBG Mobile again on this device.

But if you use this ESP hack like a pro player, you don't have to worry. An attack enemy likes a pro player. You have a level 2 vest and helmet so that the viewer can talk about it he is playing without any hack.

No player will report your account if you have a good return. If there is no report then your account can never be lost. When you are using ESP Hack, Try to have high damage and low recoil guns like m416 or Dp-28 for long-range and AKM or Groza for close range.

More Explanation

You can use this ESP Hack of PUBG 2.4 Mobile on any device in a very easy way. You can use this hack in any map of Pubg Mobile like Erangle, livik, Tdm,etc. This hack works on every map of Pubg Mobile.

Some devices stop working inside the game while using ESP hack, In which case you have to restart your game or open another map.

Hope All The Above Information Will Be Helpful For You.If you have any problem trying to download this ESP Hack or using this Hack, Contact Me On INSTAGRAM.

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