Pubg Mobile Update 1.8.0 || Release Date || New Feature

Pubg Mobile Update 1.8.0 || Release Date || New Feature

 Pubg Mobile Update 1.8 Leaks

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In today's article, I will tell you about the 1.8 Update of Pubg Mobile, Releasing Date of Update 1.8, and also about the New Features that are coming in the Update of 1.8 and all the New Modes that are coming. I will tell you in detail about update 1.8.

Releasing Date

According to Kraftan, The Pubg Mobile Update 1.8 will be released between 15 to 17 January. In the third week of January, there will be 1.8 Updates of Pubg Mobile.

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New Maps

In Update 1.8, Maps has been changed into two categories, one named is Ranked and the other is Unranked. A new Livik has been added in unranked, It is like old livik but it has a new look or you can call it advanced livik.

In Update 1.8 the new name of livik is Aftermath.

After that we will come to Arena Mode, Arena has a new mode which name is 8VS8 Arena Training. There will also be some achievements of new modes.

Feature List Of Update 1.8

  1. 3D Lobby
  2. New Scope
  3. Cover Shield
  4. Recalling Dead Teammates
  5. Scope Color Change 
  6. Revive In Water

Features Of Update 1.8

1.8 Update first we talk about Lobby. While standing in the lobby we can use the left and right options or if you are a gyro user then your screen will move. This feature five a 3D look which is quite interesting.

In this update, a new scope is also coming which is called AC Core. Which will be already default set on any gun. Whether or not this scope will be found in other maps or modes by default is not yet confirmed.

You will find any golden coins in it which will allow you to buy, many things in the game. On the map, you will see the shop or a machine show where you can buy anything from the golden coins.

In Update 1.8, They have also significantly increased the cover shield, under which your entire team or three-player can easily take over. This shield is quite large but it breaks lightly with damage which means it breaks easily with a spray.

The best feature of this update is that you can recall your dead friend but only once. The name of this feature is recalling which means to call your partner again. There will be a recalling tower. As soon as you go near the recalling tower you will recall your dead friends. An airplane will come and drop off your friend.

1.8 White Body File

An amazing feature of this update is that if you scope on your enemies, Your scope will change color. Also if you are hitting an enemy, You will know its location from where it is hitting.

The next feature of this update is to revive your friend. Earlier, When your friend was knocked in the water, he used to finish straight, but in this update, you can swim in the water even after being knocked, you can also revive.

Note: All this information is given to you according to the Beta Version.

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