Only No Recoil File For PUBG 2.5 | Get PUBG Config 2023

Only No Recoil File For PUBG 2.4

Only No Recoil File For PUBG 2.5

Upon its initial release, PUBG Mobile was compatible with low-end devices. However, recent updates have rendered it difficult to play on such devices. The sensitivity may be unmanageable, or the game might be laggy, making it unpleasant to play.

As you may be aware, PUBG Mobile has officially released the latest update 2.3. A significant subset of players may struggle with recoil control, prompting them to utilize a No Recoil File to enjoy the game. Several individuals have commented on my previous article, inquiring about the no recoil file for PUBG 2.8.

The crux of today's article centers around the No Recoil Config File Update 2.4. Herein, I will elaborate on the process of downloading the No Recoil Config File and making it operational within the game.

This configuration file for PUBG Mobile can be easily utilized on any device. It's compatible with all maps, including Erangle, Livik, and TDM.

Download Config File

You can get the only no recoil file for PUBG 2.5 by clicking on the Download Config button.

How To Use config?

  • Extract all files that you have downloaded by clicking the 'Get Config' option.
  • Copy the extracted files.
  • Navigate to the device memory.
  • Open the 'Android' folder.
  • Open the 'Data' folder.
  • Open 'com.tencent.iglite'.
  • Click the 'Files' folder.
  • Open 'UE4Game'.
  • Open 'Shadow Tracker Extra'.
  • Once again, click 'Shadow Tracker Extra'.
  • Click the 'Saved' option.
  • Click the 'Paks' option.
  • After clicking the 'Paks' option, you will see the 'Paste' option.
  • Click the 'Paste' button and choose 'Apply to all files'. Finally, click 'Replace'.

Is It Safe From Ban?

With the most recent update of PUBG Mobile, security measures have been significantly bolstered. In the event of ID Ban, your device may also be banned. Such a ban would preclude any ability to play PUBG Mobile on the device again.

I must emphasize that utilizing this config file may result in a 10-year suspension of your PUBG account. I strongly caution against using this file on your personal account. 

However, if you wish to use it, creating a new account or guest account would be a safer alternative. It's important to remember that this file may be utilized to elevate the ranks of your acquaintances.

If You do not feel safe with the Zero Recoil Config for your PUBG Mobile Account, then you can set your own sensitivity by clicking the below option. Android Zero Recoil Sensitivity For PUBG MobileHope All The Above Information will Be Helpful For You.

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