Only No Recoil File For PUBG 2.5 | Get PUBG Config 2023

Only No Recoil File For PUBG 2.4

Only No Recoil File For PUBG 2.5

As you know when PUBG Mobile was released it could have been played on low devices but nowadays due to some latest updates of PUBG Mobile, it has become difficult to play PUBG Mobile on low-end devices either. Sensitivity is not controlled or the game is so lag that you do not like to play.

As you all know, PUBG Mobile's latest update 2.3 has been officially released by PUBG. Many PUBG Mobile players do not have recoil control, which is why they use No Recoil File to enjoy the game. Many people have commented on my previous article and asked for the only no recoil file for PUBG 2.5.

Today's whole article is about No Recoil Config File Update 2.4. In which I will tell you How To Download No Recoil Config File Of Update 2.4 and make it standby in the game.

You can use this config file of PUBG Mobile on any device in a very easy way. You can use this config file in any map of PUBG Mobile like Erangle, livik, TDM, etc. This config file works in every map of PUBG Mobile.

Download Config File

You can download the only no recoil file for PUBG 2.5 by clicking on the Download Config button.

How To Use config?

  • Extract all files, That you have downloaded by clicking the get Config option.
  • Copy Extract Files
  • Go To Device Memory
  • Open Android Folder
  • Open Data Folder
  • Open Com.tencent.iglite
  • Click Files Folder
  • Open UE4Game
  • Open Shadow Tracker Extra
  • Again Click Shadow Tracker Extra
  • Click Saved Option
  • Click Paks Option
  • After clicking the Paks Option, You will see the paste option
  • Click paste button, Apply To All Files, And click Replace

Is It Safe From Ban?

With the latest update of PUBG Mobile, The security of the game has also become very high. Now with ID Ban, Your device can also be banned. Device Ban means you will never be able to play PUBG Mobile again on this device.

Let me tell you clearly that using this config file can be Ban Your PUBG Account for 10 years. I advise you to never use this file on your Personal Account. By using this config file on a New Account or Guest Account, You can easily push ranks to your friends, etc.

If You do not feel safe with the Zero Recoil Config for your PUBG Mobile Account, then you can set your own sensitivity by clicking the below option. Android Zero Recoil Sensitivity For PUBG MobileHope All The Above Information will Be Helpful For You.