PUBG White Body Config 3.0 | 64 & 32 Bit

PUBG White Body Config 3.0

PUBG White Body Config 3.0

As you all know, PUBG Mobile's latest update 3.0 has been officially released by PUBG. Many PUBG Mobile players want the White Body File of Update 3.0 so that they can use this file in the game and enjoy it. Many people have commented on my previous post and asked for Update 3.0 White Body File.

PUBG Mobile 3.0 No Recoil Config File

Today's article focuses on the White Body File Update 3.0. Within the context of this piece, I will provide guidance on obtaining and setting up the White Body File Update 3.0 in your game.

This configuration file for PUBG Mobile can be conveniently utilized on any device. It may be employed on any PUBG Mobile map, including Erangel, Livik, TDM, among others. This configuration file is compatible with all maps of PUBG Mobile.

Get White Body Config

To obtain the white body file for PUBG Mobile Update 3.0, kindly click on the "Get File" button below.

How To Use White Body File?

Initially, you will need to download Archiver from the Play Store. This app is essential to utilize the white body file. Once installed, launch the Archiver app and head straight to the 'get' folder.

To extract the file, click on the white body file, and then click on "OK." After the extraction process is complete, a new folder will be generated. Please navigate to this folder to access the extracted files.

Afterward, locate the PUBG APK. Proceed to click and install the APK. Then, copy the extracted file. Navigate to the Android folder and go to Tencent obb. Replace the copied file with the extracted file.

Your White Body File is now available for the game, allowing you to enjoy gameplay with the white body feature. Please note that this file can also be utilized in PUBG KR and BGMI. It's designed to function correctly in PUBG KR and BGM. We hope that the above information will be beneficial to you..

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