Pubg Mobile Update 1.8 No Grass+90 FPS Config File || Pubg Hacks 2022

Pubg Mobile Update 1.8 No Grass+90 FPS Config File || Pubg Hacks 2022

Pubg Mobile No Grass+90 FPS File Download 2022

Hello, Friends. Hope you are well and enjoying your life with your Friends, Family and Children.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS mean Pubg Mobile has changed the entire gaming community since Pubg Mobile came into the world. Hundreds of people coming into the gaming community of Pubg Mobile have to opportunity to earn good money with their gaming skills as well as earn good fame.

As you know, For the last few days I have been constantly writing on the Pubg Hacks and Config Files of Pubg Mobile. In which I also provide your config files and also tell you in detail how to use it.

Best Android Sensitivity.

Some people are not able to enjoy the game well due to low devices or any other reason that is why they enjoy their game by using the illegal config files. So, In today's article, I will give you Pubg Mobile 1.8 No Grass+90 FPS Config File and also tell you how you can use this file easily.

With the help of this config file, you can play games at 90 FPS and by playing at 90 fps you can further prove your game. By using this file along with 90 FPS, You will not see any grass in the game due to which you can avoid the campers in the game and enjoy your game more.

This config file works on any devices Android, iPhone, etc. In addition, this file works in every mode or map in the game.

Download File

You can download Pubg Mobile Update 1.8 No Grass+90 FPS config file by clicking the Get File button below:

Click Here To Download File👇


How To Use Config File?

  • Download File
  • Open Download Folder 
  • Click On File and Extract File
  • Copy Extract File
  • Open Android 

  • Android>>Data>>Com.Tencent.ig>>Paste Copy Files

Is It Safe From Ban?

With the latest update of Pubg Mobile, The security of the game has also become very high. Now with ID Ban, Your device can also be banned. Device Ban means you will never be able to play Pubg Mobile again on this device.

Using this file can ban your account permanently. I would advise you to never use this file on your personal account. You can use this file on a guest account to enjoy the game.

Hope All The Above Information Will Be Helpful For You.

If you have any problem trying to download this file or using this file, Contact Me On INSTAGRAM.

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