BGMI 1.9 No Recoil Config File - Download BGMI No Recoil File 32bit And 64bit

BGMI 1.9 No Recoil Config File

BGMI 1.9 No Recoil File

Hi Everyone hope you are all doing well. Today in this article we can discuss the Pubg New Update that is 1.9 and mainly we discuss BGMI NO RECOIL 1.9 File. So without wasting Time let's get started.

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As you can know recently Pubg released a new update that is 1.9 and for my Loyal Indian Audience, a wrote this article. As you know everyone wants No Recoil Config Obb File to Less the Recoil Effect. Here you can get the Original Obb config file for Bgmi 1.9 no recoil. 

As you know Guys, Pubg Mobile's latest update 1.9 has been officially released by PUBG. And Many Pubg Mobile players do have no recoil control that's why they can use BGMI No Recoil File to enjoy the game. A lot of people have commented on my previous article that's about 1.8  asked me for the BGMI No Recoil Config File of Update 1.9.

You just Follow my Instructions carefully and I also tell you the Apply Process of the file so don't worry about the Apply Process also I told you how to download the file so let's get started.

How To Use BGMI No Recoil Obb Config File?

1.) Applying Process(64bit)

  1. Extract File.
  2. Copy Obb File.
  3. Go To Android Folder.
  4. Open Obb Folder.
  5. Open Com.pubg.imobile Folder.
  6. Now Paste Your Copied Obb File.

2.) Applying Process (32bit)

  1. Extract Downloaded File.
  2. Copy Obb File.
  3. Go To Android Folder.
  4. Open Obb Folder.
  5. Open Com.pubg.imobile Folder.
  6. Now Paste The Copied Obb File.
  7. Uninstall Original BGMI.
  8. Install 32-Bit APK.

Download BGMI No Recoil Config File:-

Guys, you can download this config file of Bgmi No Recoil on any device easily. And you can also use this config file in any Map of Pubg Mobile like Erangle, livik, Tdm, etc. This config file works on all maps of Pubg Mobile.

And you can easily download the  Bgmi No Recoil File of Pubg Mobile Update 1.9 by clicking on the Download Config button.

Click Here To Download Config File👇

                   DOWNLOAD CONFIG 

If You do not feel safe with the Zero Recoil Config for your Pubg Mobile Account then you can set your own sensitivity by clicking the below option.

Android Zero Recoil Sensitivity For Pubg Mobile

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