BGMI 3.0 No Recoil Config File - Download 32bit And 64bit

BGMI 3.0 No Recoil File

BGMI 3.0 No Recoil File

Greetings, everyone. I hope this message finds you well. Today, we will delve into the latest update for PUBG, version 2.7, with a specific focus on the bgmi 3.0 no recoil file. Let's not waste any time and dive right into it. 

At ZServive, we strive to provide our readers with genuine and reliable information. I encourage you to read this article attentively. 

Recently, PUBG released version 3.0, and I have written this article for my loyal Indian audience. Many people are searching for the bgmi 3.0 no recoil file, which can reduce the recoil effect. Here, you can find the original obb config file for BGMI 3.0 with no recoil. 

As you may be aware, PUBG Mobile recently released update 3.0. Some players struggle with recoil control, leading them to seek out the BGMI No Recoil File to enhance their gameplay. Numerous individuals have inquired about obtaining the bgmi 3.0 no recoil file following my previous article on the topic.

I would suggest adhering to my instructions closely. I will also provide directions on the file application process, so there's no need to worry about that aspect. Additionally, I will guide you on how to download the file. Shall we begin?

How To Use BGMI No Recoil Obb Config File?

1.) Applying Process(64bit)

  • Extract the file.
  • Copy the OBB file.
  • Navigate to the Android folder.
  • Click on the OBB folder.
  • Select the Com.pubg.imobile folder.
  • Paste the copied OBB file.

2.) Applying Process (32bit)

  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Copy the OBB file.
  • Navigate to the Android folder.
  • Open the OBB folder.
  • Open the "com.pubg.imobile" folder.
  • Paste the copied OBB file.
  • Uninstall the original BGMI.
  • Install the 32-bit APK.

Download BGMI No Recoil Config File:-

You can effortlessly download the BGMI 3.0 No Recoil File configuration file on any device. It's compatible with all maps of PUBG Mobile, such as Erangel, Livik, TDM, and others.

You can effortlessly download the Bgmi No Recoil File of PUBG Mobile Update 3.0. Simply click on the Download Config button. If you are a PUBG player, it's well worth trying the PUBG 3.0 No Recoil File.


If you don't feel comfortable utilizing the Zero Recoil Config for your PUBG Mobile Account, you have the option of customizing your sensitivity. Click on the option below to explore this alternative. Also, do consider trying the PUBG Lite 0.25 High Damage File.

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