PUBG 3.0 No Recoil File - 100% Working Config

PUBG 3.0 No Recoil File

PUBG 3.0 No Recoil File

As you're aware, when PUBG Mobile first launched, it was compatible with low-end devices. However, due to recent updates, playing the game on such devices has become increasingly difficult. The game's sensitivity is difficult to control, and the overall lag has rendered it unenjoyable.

PUBG Mobile's recent launch of update 3.0 has been officially released by PUBG. It's been observed that a significant number of PUBG Mobile players struggle with recoil control, leading them to utilize the No Recoil File as a means to enhance their gameplay experience. Following my previous article, there were a plethora of comments requesting the PUBG 3.0 No Recoil File.

This update featured an exceptional collaboration with the new frozen theme mode in PUBG mobile and no recoil config is 100% working in this 3.0 recoil.

To my surprise, PUBG Mobile has unveiled a new 1.6 KM map in their latest update. Players are thrilled about the fresh content introduced in this update.

The focus of this article pertains to the PUBG 3.0 No Recoil File. The piece will guide you on how to download the No Recoil Config File of Update 2.4 and successfully implement it within the game.

This configuration file for PUBG Mobile can be implemented effortlessly on any device. It's compatible with all maps, including Erangel, Livik, and TDM. The configuration file is functional across all maps in PUBG Mobile.

Download Config File

You can download the No Recoil File of PUBG Mobile Update 3.0 by clicking on the Download Config button. Learn more about Best PUBG ESP Config.


How To Use config?

  • Open Android Folder.
  • Go to data Folder.
  • Open com.tencent.ig Folder.
  • Go to files.
  • Open UE4Game.
  • Open ShadowTrackerExtra.
  • Again ShadowTrackerExtra.
  • Open Saved Folder.
  • Go to Paks Folder.
  • Paste Copied File.

Is It Safe From Ban?

The most recent update of PUBG Mobile has greatly enhanced its security measures. With the introduction of ID Ban, players are now at risk of being barred from gameplay on their device. A Device Ban renders the device permanently ineligible for PUBG Mobile usage.

It's imperative that I make it explicitly clear that utilizing this config file may result in the termination of your PUBG account for a period of up to 10 years. It's strongly recommended that you avoid using this file on your personal account. However, if you choose to employ it on a new or guest account, you may be able to raise your ranking and assist your friends in doing the same.

A new version of this game will be launched very soon, and we can expect to enjoy the latest 3.0 update by mid-March. The update will likely feature new maps and events.

If you are hesitant about using the PUBG 3.0 No Recoil File for your PUBG Mobile account, you can customize your sensitivity by accessing the option below. I trust that the information provided above will prove beneficial to you.

I try my best to publish latest no recoil config for PUBG mobile. But i need your support to make this website as informative for everyone. No recoil file takes time for testing, so if when you saw any update in PUBG mobile then make sure to text us.

Even if you think the old no recoil file for PUBG 3.0 is not working properly in your mobile, then also mention us. We promise, we will update the new no recoil file as soon as possible.

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