Candlestick Charts Pattern For Beginners 2022

Candlestick Charts Pattern

Candlestick Charts Pattern For Beginners

Understanding Candlestick Charts Pattern helps me a lot in the Trading market. And just because of this I can understand that why stock goes up and down. And this is the main thing if you can get profit in the stock market.

And if you can already open your demate account and Earn Money from Stocks Market then this article becomes very helpful for you. 

Charts For Beginners?

Guys if you are a starter and you don't know about this then don't worry I can explain this in full detail. Just follow the instructions which I have given below.

Types Of Charts?

  • First One Is Line Graph.
  • The second One Is Bar Graph.
  • The third One Is Candlestick.

1. Line Graph:-

A line graph is very easy for beginners. And the beginners doing a very big mistake because this graph has a simple structure but has no benefit. 

Don't worry I can explain to you the line graph is useless if you can earn money because it gives no information about stocks.

2. Bar Graph:-

The Bar Graph is also the same as the line graph. The structure of this graph is also very easy to learn for beginners. And if you can do something bigger in your life and also in the stock market then this is not for you. Now let's move toward the next one.

3. Candlestick:-

In Candlestick you can see the graph in the form of Candles. And how you can read/understand this I can tell you further in this article. And you can say that the candlestick is most important.

Benefits Of Candlestick?

The First benefit of the candlestick is we can clearly understand whatever the Graph from that particular point goes Up and Down. If your graph goes Up then you can buy the stock and if comes Down then you can sell the stocks.

And I can use the same technique which I can share with you. And I can also draw a picture that helps you a lot to learn about the candle chart.

Benefits Of Candlestick

Candlestick Basics?

Now we can discuss the Basics of Candlestick. In a candlestick graph, There are four characteristics of a candlestick. These are Open, Close, Low, and High.

If the color of the candle is red then it is a Bearish Candle. And if its color is green then it is a Bullish Candle.

Candlestick Basics

Duration Of Candlestick (Investment)?

The Duration of Candlestick has three types. These are the following Short, Medium, and Long.

If you perform Intraday Trading then you can go with Short Time. And Its duration Time maybe 1 minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes. It all depends on you what type of trend you can follow.

And you can go with Medium Time duration if you can invest in the Morning and get results in the evening. And its Time duration is 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

And If you can Invest your money for a Long Time. Then, you can go with this last option. The minimum time duration is 1 Day. And you can get more clarity in the Trend then you can go with 1 Weak and also for 1 Month.

Important Tips?

All the signs and signals which I can tell you are not perfectly conditioned. And if you can get multiple signals suppose you can get doji and bullish with the downtrend then your graph definitely goes up definitely.

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