0.25 High Damage File For PUBG Lite - NO BAN


0.25 High Damage File For PUBG Lite

0.25 High Damage File For PUBG Lite

Finally, PUBG Mobile lite new update has been released, and almost everyone shifts to new version 0.25.1. But due to new update, old 0.25 high damage file for PUBG lite is not working in new update. 

So what we do? Don't worry, I have a new file regarding PUBG Lite. Using this config you get high damage and no recoil also. But maybe the applying process is change in this update. This is not an obb file, so you need to follow my instructions to apply this file.

Is it Anti-Ban?

Remember one thing, this file is tested on all devices and 100% working on every version. This file is anti-ban and your main account is safe wile using this 0.25 high damage file for PUBG lite. For your account safety, you have to play the game without using machine guns. 

This file also works for no recoil and if you play match using machine guns and finish enemy with no recoil spry then maybe your activity capture and your account reported by enemy. So careful about machine guns like, AKM, M746, and drop guns.

Apply Process:

  • Download File.
  • Extract File.
  • Copy com.tencent.iglite folder.
  • Go to Android.
  • Open Data folder.
  • Paste copied folder.

Some peoples are comments about WP missions. They said when we apply any type of config, our WP missions not showing. But this file also fixes this issue easily, and you're able to see your WP missions.

This 0.25 high damage file for PUBG lite is full secured and free for everyone who visit my website. And one more thing, when you extract the file, there is no password on it. I upload this file without any password. Just extract this file and copy the main file and paste it by following the above instructions.


  • Super Aim Bot
  • No Lag
  • Fix WP missions
  • High Damage
  • Anti-Ban
  • No Grass

This config has some unique and tested features. When I use this file for testing, I really shocked to see the results of this high damage file. Use this file for fun and if your account is so premium by spending UC, so I never suggest you to use any type of config on your main ID.

I hope this article helps you to get more information about latest updates of PUBG mobile lite. Visit this website again if you need any type of content regarding PUBG Mobile and BGMI.