Chance to Get 8100 UC in PUBG Mobile New Event

How to get 8100 UC in Pubg Mobile

Chance to Get 8100 UC in PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile new players want to get the UC in the game, but they don't know how to get UC in PUBG Mobile.

I will tell you and gives you the information step by step about how you can get 8100 UC in PUBG Mobile.

I will give you the trick by which you can get 8100 UC in PUBG Mobile without any cost.

So if you want to know how you can get UC in PUBG Mobile then you should read this blog till the end.

So the disclaimer is that the only 5 luckiest people on PUBG Mobile can get the UC in PUBG Mobile. And if you play the game daily, then must get commando title in PUBG mobile.

You also can be the 5 luckiest person in PUBG Mobile, and I will guide you step by step on how you can be one of those five.

PUBG Mobile new event:

PUBG Mobile announce to their officials the PUBG Mobile event of 100$ to their audience.

How to get 8100 UC in Pubg Mobile

I also tell you about the trick of stopping the dinosaurs, and you can also use this trick in PUBG Mobile.

Some of your friends also know about this trick, but if you are not one of those, then I will tell you how you can use the trick.

Foremost, you should go to PUBG Mobile's official Instagram, then you will see the PUBG Mobile giveaway post.

When you see the caption of the dinosaurs post, then you can see the 100$ giveaway.

Requirements of Event

You also see the requirement of the PUBG Mobile giveaway, and you will be a participant of PUBG Mobile.

How to get 8100 UC in Pubg Mobile

You need to use some hashtags if you want to be part of this giveaway and complete all the requirements.

You also make a video of the gameplay in PUBG Mobile and not only the gameplay but also the gameplay video with the dinosaur.

The main thing on that type of giveaway is only the hashtag. So you need to more focus on the hashtag requirements.

The PUBG Mobile picks the winner randomly from the comment section of the PUBG Mobile dinosaur event.

If you miss the hashtags then if your video is selected then PUBG Mobile did not consider you the winner because you miss the main part of the PUBG Mobile event.

How to get 8100 UC in Pubg Mobile

If you also use hashtags with the video, and you have the amazing video clip on your video which is mentioned, then you can also win.

PUBG Mobile did not count your video views or something else, but they know which can be the winner of the giveaway.

The Method of Dinosaur in PUBG Mobile

I will inform you about the dinosaur trick in PUBG Mobile by which you can beat the dinosaurs easily in the game.

This is the most powerful vehicle in the PUBG Mobile game and if you want to compete with it then when it comes toward you then you will stop him with the help of throwing the ball.

Then he stops in front of you, and you will beat them easily, and you can also share this trick with your friend.

So this is the trick of dinosaurs in PUBG Mobile and you can get 8100 UC in PUBG Mobile.