How to get Commando Title in PUBG Mobile

How to get  Commando Title in Pubg Mobile

How to get Commando Title in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile offers a wide range of titles, yet the commando title is a fan favorite among players.

The Commando title in PUBG Mobile is regarded as the most challenging title to attain. If you're curious about how to obtain this title, please read on for more information.

PUBG Mobile offers numerous titles, and while many seasoned players aspire to achieve them, they may encounter difficulty in doing so.

Listen up, fellow gamers! Here's a fun fact: there's no "Commando" title in PUBG Mobile. Instead, when you rock the Commando achievement in the game, you're rewarded with the shiny Glass Canon title. So, go out there and commando your way to victory!

To satisfy the title requirement, one must achieve a record of 50 wins while abstaining from wearing any vest or backpack, in addition to attaining a platinum tier or higher.

Commando Achievement in PUBG Mobile

Acquiring the Commando Achievement in PUBG Mobile can be achieved with a few tricks, which will significantly increase the likelihood of obtaining the title with ease. Did you hear about the method to get chicken expert title in PUBG Mobile?

Upon fulfilling all the requirements of PUBG Mobile, the Commando attains a total achievement score of nearly 105 points, ultimately earning the coveted title of the Glass Canon.

Gat Skin for Commando Title

Initially, let me provide guidance on how to achieve the commando title in PUBG Mobile by highlighting the better performing gat. To attain this title, it's recommended to acquire the SMG in-game and exclusively use it throughout the match to excel in close-range engagements.

The Vector can be advantageous when it comes to facing opponents in close range during gameplay on PUBG Mobile.

How to get  Commando Title in Pubg Mobile

The close-range pump, also known as the second gat, is ideal for close-quarter combat, particularly when engaging opponents in proximity. It can be particularly effective in the Livik map, allowing for swift victories over adversaries.

One additional step to consider when starting a match is to access the game's settings and disable the auto-pickup feature.

The landing area for Commando Title

It's imperative to exercise caution when selecting the Commando Title. Upon initiating the Livik map, ensure that you land in the designated area as depicted in the image below.

How to get  Commando Title in Pubg Mobile

Landing on this region of the Livik map offers several advantages in PUBG Mobile. One of the most significant benefits is that you'll have access to almost three zones of the Livik map from your landing spot.

This landing area offers significant benefits, enabling you to survive through the final zone.

It's essential to remember not to provoke other players. Such actions may lead to significant ramifications, including the possibility of losing to them, resulting in a waste of your time.

In the event that the zone leaves you during gameplay, it's advisable to move gradually from one corner of the zone to the other. This is because entering or passing through the center of the circle increases the likelihood of encountering other players and possibly engaging in combat.

How to get  Commando Title in Pubg Mobile

By adhering to these tips and methods, you can acquire the Commando Title with ease in PUBG Mobile.

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