How to get Commando Title in PUBG Mobile

How to get  Commando Title in Pubg Mobile

How to get Commando Title in PUBG Mobile

The PUBG Mobile game has a lot of titles, but the players of PUBG Mobile love the commando title in the game.

Because Commando title is the most difficult title of the PUBG Mobile. If you want to know about how you can get a commando title, then you should read it completely.

There are many titles in PUBG Mobile but a lot of old players of PUBG Mobile want to get this title, but they can not succeed to get this title.

There is no commando title in PUBG Mobile. Commando is the achievement of PUBG Mobile and when you complete the achievement in PUBG Mobile then you get the Glass Canon Title in PUBG Mobile.

The titling requirement is that you need to win 50 matches without wearing any vest, or backpack, and also have the platinum tier or above.

Commando Achievement in PUBG Mobile

You can easily complete commando achievement in PUBG Mobile with the help of some trick, then you get the title easily. Did you hear about the method to get chicken expert title in PUBG Mobile?

The total achievement of the Commando is almost 105 points. When you complete all the requirements of the PUBG Mobile, then you get the title of the Glass Canon.

Gat Skin for Commando Title

First, I will guide you on which gat is better in PUBG Mobile to get the commando title. You need to have the SMG get in the game and use it during the whole match for the close range.

Because you find some opponents in the PUBG Mobile in close range, so you can beat them easily with the help of vector.

How to get  Commando Title in Pubg Mobile

The second gat is used also for the close range, which is the living gat skin. The name of the gat is close range pump.

You can beat easily your opponent with the help of a close-range pump in the Livik map.

There is one thing more when you start the match than before the match you should go to the setting of the game then go to the pickup option and off the auto pickup.

The landing area for Commando Title

You also should be very careful about selecting the Commando Title. When you start the Livik map you should land on the below image area.
How to get  Commando Title in Pubg Mobile

When you land on this area of the Livik map then you have a lot of advantages in PUBG Mobile because you get almost 3 zones of the Livik map on this area in which you landed.

So you have the huge advantages of this landing area, and you can survive for the last zone.

You should also have this in mind, don't mess with any player because when you mess with other players then there is a lot of chance the player with beat you and your time will be wasted.

If the zone leaves you during the game. Then you should go easily to the zone corner to corner because if you enter or go to the middle of the circle then there is a high chance you can fight with your player.

How to get  Commando Title in Pubg Mobile

So you need to follow these tips and methods, and you will get easily the Commando Title in PUBG Mobile.