How To Get Modification Material in PUBG without UC

How To Get Modification Material in PUBG without UC

How To Get Modification Material in PUBG without UC

On the new update in PUBG mobile, we can see a section where we get the unlimited material to update the skins. PUBG mobile 2.8 has been arrived, and every single player is very happy to see this update.

If you play PUBG then you know that we have to open the crates to get modification materials and there are many UC we spend on the crate opening.

But this time PUBG give us a very great chance to get unlimited materials without UC. I always try my best to give you no recoil files, but this time I think that this article is more important than the files or configs.

Steps to get materials without UC

You have to follow some steps to get the materials without spending a single UC. and trust me you can get unlimited materials, there is no limit.

  1. Open your Game
  2. Click on Shop Icon
  3. Open Treasures Option
  4. Click on Material icon
  5. Select the Amount of Material
  6. Click on Get

So this is the basic process of getting material without UC. We're talking about the 2.8 Update in PUBG mobile, so i have good news for the BGMI players.

BGMI new update is also coming in October, so I think this material update is also in bgmi. So bgmi players also get the unlimited materials in bgmi.

More explanation

When you open your PUBG or BGMI game, then you have to click on the right top icon of shop. Then you have to select the treasure box option. On this section, you get the modification materials option.

You have to click on the material and select how many materials you want to redeem. These materials can be obtained by spend AG. We all have many AGS because we don't know where we can spend these, but now PUBG give us a way to spend AG.

To be honest, i already spend AG on the supply crates. And now I feel very bad for me. Please leave your comment about how many AGS you have in your PUBG or bgmi account and how many materials you get from the AG. 

Limitations and Restrictions

One question must become in your mind. How many materials we get from the AG. so there is no limit to get materials using AG, but in 24 hours you get only 10 modification materials.

Yes, from the next day you get another 10 materials. This is very simple. And I'm very happy because I have 3 skins and I want to upgrade it, but I can't due to the Price of Materials.

But this time I also try to upgrade everything in the inventory. This update never been live from PUBG but on this 2.8 update the history change and this opportunity we get from the PUBG mobile.