How To Get Modification Material in PUBG without UC

How To Get Modification Material in PUBG without UC

How To Get Modification Material in PUBG without UC

PUBG Mobile version 2.8 recently introduced a new feature that enables players to obtain an unlimited supply of materials necessary for skin upgrades. This update has elicited immense satisfaction among players.

For those who play PUBG, it's common knowledge that to obtain modification materials, one must open crates. Unfortunately, this process requires a significant amount of UC expenditure.

PUBG has recently provided an opportunity to acquire unlimited materials without the need for UC. While I have always strived to provide you with no recoil files and configs, I believe this article is equally essential.

Steps to get materials without UC

To obtain materials without spending any UC, follow these steps. Rest assured, there is no limit to the number of materials you can acquire through this process:

  1. Open your Game
  2. Click on Shop Icon
  3. Open Treasures Option
  4. Click on Material icon
  5. Select the Amount of Material
  6. Click on Get

Allow me to elucidate the process of acquiring material without UC. Since the context pertains to the 2.8 update in PUBG mobile, I have some positive news for the BGMI players.

It's worth noting that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is set to receive a new update in October. It's possible that this update includes the material update as well. This could mean BGMI players could gain access to unlimited materials in the game.

More explanation

Upon launching your PUBG or BGMI game, select the shop icon located at the top right corner of the screen. Next, select the treasure box option and navigate to the modification materials section.

To redeem the materials, click on the item and specify the desired quantity. These materials can be acquired by spending AG. While many of us have accumulated substantial amounts of AG, we have been unsure how to utilize it. Fortunately, PUBG has provided us with an avenue to spend our AG.

To be candid, I've already expended my AG on the supply crates, and the outcome has left me feeling regretful. I'd appreciate it if you could share your experience. What are the current AGS in your PUBG or BGMI account, and how many resources have you obtained with your AG? 

Limitations and Restrictions

One question that should come to mind is how many materials can we procure from AG. The AG does not impose any limits on material acquisition; however, it's noteworthy to mention that you can only obtain ten modification materials per day within a 24-hour period.

To clarify, you will receive an additional ten materials starting from the following day. While this is a simple process, it's disconcerting that the cost of materials impedes your ability to upgrade your skins.

In this update, I endeavored to upgrade every item in inventory. PUBG Mobile had yet to implement this feature, but with the 2.8 update, we have the chance to elevate our gameplay to new heights.

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